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Our mission is to shed light on some of the lesser-known aspects of Green Bay Packers football history, and in some cases, try to bring about change.  And we have a magnificent project to kick off our efforts.

GreenBayNFL.com was founded by Royce Boyles, author of three books about legendary coach Vince Lombardi. Pro Football Hall of Fame member and former Packers’ linebacker, Dave Robinson, co-authored the books.  

Our first project is intended to pay tribute to a humble man who has been overlooked for way to long. 

You are familiar with Packers famous logo, the “G”.

Well, the mastermind of the design has not been given proper credit.

We are going to enthusiastically lead an effort to honor Gerald “Dad” Braisher – architect of the “G”. A tab for The Dad Braisher Projects explains who he was and the goals we hope to achieve. 

As a true Packer and “Lombardi Man,” Dave Robinson will be involved with some of the projects we plan to tackle at GreenBayNFL.com. The great number 89 played on three Lombardi championship teams, is a member of the NFL 1960’s All Decade Team, Packers Hall of Fame, numerous other halls of fame and was a three-time Pro Bowl selection.

Dave Robinson Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Robinson gets Browns QB Frank Ryan in ’65 Championship game. Final score: Green Bay 23 Cleveland 12.

Dave’s fumble recovery in Super Bowl II helped the Pack thump the Raiders 33-14.

“He is so smart, and just didn’t make mistakes.”

- Tom Brown Packers teammate

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