Marv Fleming #81 Tight End 1963 – ‘68

Marv is a five-time NFL champion - three times with Green Bay and twice with the Miami Dolphins. He played in five of the first eight Super Bowls and helped his teams win four of them. He is tied with two other players for winning the most Super Bowls from the tight end position.

Marv Fleming catching a pass against Kansas City in Super Bowl I. Yes, there were empty seats for the first AFL – NFL championship game as it was officially known, later to be named the Super Bowl.

Dad Braisher standing behind Marv Fleming (81) in the 1965 Packers team picture. In Green Bay’s star-studded offense, Marv did not get as much recognition as some of the other players. In those days and on Vince Lombardi’s teams, the tight end was more like a sixth offensive lineman and less of a receiver. Marv was a tremendous blocker in both Green Bay and Miami. Pro Football Hall of Fame member Dave Robinson, a great linebacker who faced the famous Packers sweep in practice for years said, “The tight end was the key to the sweep and Marv was a great blocker.” If you want to be impressed, look up the statistics for the Dolphins’ running game one year before Marv arrived and the three years after. Like Dad Braisher, Marv was a great team player.

Marv Fleming said this about Dad “……….

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